Harbour Island, Bahamas

As part of a hotel project in collaboration with top model and the face of Aerie, Iskra Lawrence.  The shoots are meant to be alluring and empowering, redefining sex appeal with a body-positive message. 

Kiki De Montparnasse:  A new series of videos for social media and market work to help the brand push into ready to wear and beyond... Three additional videos in vertical format designed specifically for social media available here.

Helping luxury leather handbag designer Clare Vivier build an aspirational yet approachable message.  Together we conceptualized the "What's in my bag?" theme that is still in use by the brand today. Setting the tone with natural, positive portraits of real women who love Clare's bags set in Los Angeles.

Over the years I’ve worked extensively with long-time client, Swimsuits for All. Together we’ve collaborated in-studio and travelled around the world to help build the brand from an earl-stage, plus size swim brand, to the disruptive media influencer S4A is today.  It has been an amazing ride and I feel very lucky to be apart of it.

With well over 2 million views this video went viral as soon as it came out and was reposted and published on hundreds of media sites around the world.  We were the first ones to boldly show an un-retouched bum, cellulite and all, changing the standards and helping to push the body positive movement forward.  We did the right thing and were the first to do it.

Collaborating with Ashley Graham to shoot her Collection Campaign for Swimsuits for All and BTS for Vogue.com.  

As a brand collaboration between my side project Me In My Place and Esquire Magazine I produced, directed and shot a series of videos over a period of two years covering the Women We Love and Funny Joke sections of the magazine, both in print and online.  Participates included Margot Robbie, Chrissy Teigen, Lake Bell, Nina Dobrev, Elizabeth Moss, Jessica Hart, Krysten Ritter, Hanna Simone, Paz De La Huerta and Stacy Keibler.  

In 2010 I founded Me In My Place, a little side project all about real women in their own homes.  MIMP set out to redefine standards and stereotypes of beauty and sex appeal in mainstream media.  These evocative photos were empowering through a male gaze, and gained a cult following.

MIMP enjoyed a 2 years collaboration with Esquire Magazine, and later for an additional two years with Playboy Magazine.  Each collaboration consisted of a dedicated monthly page in the magazine along with accompanying videos and galleries online. Subjects included Chrissy Teigen, Lake Bell, Margot Robbie, JessicaHart, Elisabeth Moss, Jessica Clark, and Claire Coffee to name a few.

The project has been a great success and has sparked another web-based platform to enable other like minded photographers to monetize their work with subscription based apps.

Celebrity covers shot over the years for Parade Magazine with a wide range of talent including Oprah Winfrey, Meredith Viera, Al Roker, Nate Berkus, Jim Gaffigan, Forest Whitaker, MarioBatali, Michael Symon, Seth MacFarlane, Stephen King, and Andy Cohen. 

Some of my most politically charged portraits include those of Barak Obama, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, and the (likely) next presidential hopeful, Corey Booker.  Earlier in my career I was tapped by Kathy Ryan at The New York Times Magazine to cover politics.  Countless shuttle flights to DC and back has insured that I've photographed 20 years of presidents...

That should get us started...  Loads more work (and videos) on here, so just click around and get in touch...

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